Bed Bugs/Heat Application

Bed Bugs/Heat Application

Until now there have been two different types of bed bug heat applications. First is a direct fired propane heater, this application will introduce large quantities of water as a combustion by-product, it will produce more than 5 gallons of water to the indoor air every hour and typical application time is 6 hours. The direct fired propane heat system not only produces 30 gallons of water to the dwelling it is also visually intrusive with the running of large ducts that carry the hot air from the truck. Second type is portable electric heaters, this system is safer because it is a dry heat but it has its limitations due to thick electric cords must be run from a large noisy generator to the treated area. Typically treating up to the 3rd story is no problem after that it is very difficult if not impossible.  


A.G.A.D. Pest Control, Inc. founded in 1982 now has the most powerful and the most versatile Bed Bug heat system available. This system is a 250,000 BTU Thermal Energy System power plant which generates an intense, clean, dry high temperature heat with a unique heat exchange fluid. The fluid is transferred with a high volume pump through specially-designed insulated hoses to a Thermal Exchanger box, we then connect 6 heat boxes that produce 40,000 BTU’s each of heat. This system is completely portable and only needs 8 amps (1 normal household plug) for power. We are able to treat up to the 3rd floor from the trailer mounted unit, after the 3rd floor as long as there is an elevator we can transport this system to any floor which makes it the most powerful and most versatile Bed Bug heat system available.    

The Thermal Energy System's 250,000 BTU's will allow us to heat up the entire structure to the desired tempature of 135 degrees quicker than any other system. This might not seem important but it is because bed bugs will start moving after the tempature reaches 100 degrees. If the treatment is in a multi family dwelling and it takes too much time to reach the desired 135 degrees the bed bugs can and will move to another unit.   

Bed Bug Organic Pesticide Application

The only pesticide A.G.A.D. Pest Control, Inc. uses to eliminate bed bugs is an organic dust.