Posted 11/16/2011 - 21:22 by Cliff Duple

Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere, from apartment buildings to four star hotel rooms. Recently, they have become a huge problem and the reasons include resistance to pesticides, increased travel and probably a few others. 

It is crucial to spot bed bugs as soon as possible, your first indication will probably be bites.  Bed bug bites usually come in groups of three and people react differently to the bites; some people have bites that swell up badly, some people are plagued with itchy red welts, while others hardly get any kind of reaction at all.

Bed Bugs can hide almost anywhere under baseboards and carpets, behind electrical outlets and picture frames, underneath loose wall paper, books, inside clocks, phones, televisions, computers and of course, your beds.

The best way to find them is with a highly trained bed bug dog.  Nyx is our bed bug detecting dog and her keen sense of smell can detect bed bugs which the human eye can not see.  Once we have confirmation that bed bugs exist, eradication begins immediately.  We offer 2 types of treatment methods; heat treatment and pesticide treatment.

Do-it-yourself remedies will likely spread your bed bug problems to other rooms in your house or worse - a neighboring unit.  So, before attempting any D.I.Y. remedies, call A.G.A.D. Pest Control, Inc. at 630-834-2423 and before you know it, your problems will be "As Good As Dead"!