Village In The Park Apartments

"Over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to contract the services of A.G.A.D. Pest Control. As Maintenance Director of Village In The Park Apartments, an 850 unit complex, A.G.A.D. Pest Control Inc. has continued to be an important service provider for our property management company. Their staff is always courteous and their service men are knowledgeable and professional. They have always followed through on any requests that we may have made and eliminated all pest problems that have occurred. I will continue to call upon A.G.A.D. Pest Control for all of the pest treatments for years to come."

Robert Fredrickson, Maintenance Director
Penobscot Managenent L.L.C. - Schaumburg, IL

DuPage HS District 88 - Addison Trial & Willowbrook

"AGAD Pest Control, Inc. is a highly knowledgeable and personalized company that provides prompt professional service and continues to surpass our expectations. AGAD has helped put together a comprehensive preventative maintenance program along with helping us achieve our IPM state-mandated procedures. AGAD always makes every effort to find and eliminate our pest problems. Their warrantied service and professional
approach are honest, effective, environmentally safe and yield excellent results.

It is mandatory in schools to make sure a safe environment is provided and AGAD has helped us achieve that."

Ronald J. Kolodziej - Director of Buildings & Grounds


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